As adults, there is only so much memory stored in our brain space. Sometimes mommy brain kicks in and you forget the smallest details (even after you remind yourself not to forget it).
Truth is, we don't have much control over our memories...

Infant photography or baby photography is just another type of session to document your baby's childhood and immortalize those precious moments that only last so long...until growth spurt happens and they reach a different stage of childhood.

Every giggle, laughter, smile, yawn, and tiny gesture is hands down, the most candid at this age. Infants are most natural at this stage (3 months to 1 year old = infant) because they aren't camera shy and don't feel nervous when the camera lens points at them. 

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Infant photography is simply a form of art requiring experience, patience, and an eye to see beauty in all things.  From selecting the location to seizing the rare expressions that magically happens during your infant's session. We carefully curate every detail of the photo shoot to create the imagery you will love and cherish. 

Sarah focuses on finding the best natural lighting combined with candid poses to curate the perfect scene worthy of framing and sharing with future generations. The final product showcases not just your adorable infant, but also our shared vision brought to life.

the artistry of infant photography

selecting the perfect location

Photographing infants in a safe, relaxing, and comfortable location is the key to the portrait experience. Our priority is to make your little one feel easy and happy throughout the session.

From cozy blankets to soft natural lighting and little breaks in between, we want to ensure that your baby's comfort is optimized for the authentic moments of joy and innocence. We want your infant to feel completely relaxed in the comfort of their home or at beautiful outdoor location. 

By focusing on making your baby happy and comfortable, it helps us photograph their natural charm, especially when they giggle, laugh, or smile.

customized photo session tailored to your vision

Each photoshoot is unique and different because it's tailored towards your vision. Our infant photoshoot session is customized based on many factors such as, your style, the details, your story, and what you plan to do with your images afterwards.

Many families believe in printing their images to be enjoyed fully and decorated in their homes. From customized wall art to albums and prints, we cater each session based on the end goal.

Share your ideas with us during our pre-session meetings to ensure that your vision is brought to life.

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Cherishing each moment to the fullest

Time is slipping away and it waits for no one. Your infant that was once a newborn will quickly grow into walking and talking toddlers.

They will outgrow their newborn clothes (so fast within a blink of an eye) and your baby will not remain small forever.

Time is the core motivator that led us to pursue our passion as a motherhood photographer. We find meaning in documenting these important stages of life. It brings us joy when each family's story is told through our artwork and lens. 

From tiny toes to those bubbly gazes, we love to focus on the details that have a profound and intimate interaction. Let us transform your infant's early chapter into a timeless and ageless work of art to cherish forever.

Beyond the depths of the photo shoot

Our commitment to creating your vision continues beyond the session day. From selecting the perfect prints to designing custom albums, our services ensure that your images will be tangible and enjoyed to the fullest.

Let us help you create your family heirlooms that is worth more than you will ever know. Our pre-session meetings will include details that cover location, outfit, wardrobe recommendation for family members, and the purpose of your session.

The prints, albums, and/or frames you receive will be created from a premier printing lab with a team of artists dedicated to creating each heirloom piece from the finest materials. They specialize in museum-quality printing on Archival papers that will last over 200 years.